Sunday, March 6, 2011

More Vista Fun

A co-worker showed me Team Fortress 2 on his PC so I decided to buy it. I've played Team Fortress Classic a lot in the past. I did have worries about my slow integrated Intel 965 Graphics chipset in my Sony Viao but decided to try anyway. After installing, I got a lot of error messages, and the video system would crash. I looked around the web and Intel's website claims that Half-Life 2 (graphics engine) can run on the GM965 and I should updated my drivers.

Well, since the Sony uses a custom driver, Intel's automatic update program won't let me do anything. Of course, Sony's website only has the old drivers from 2007. I had to download the ZIP version of Intel's drivers and force Windows Vista to update the video drivers. Right now the computer is updating, and the screen is flashing like crazy. I have a bad feeling...

OK, it's done and I'm rebooting. If it doesn't work, I guess I can always boot in safe mode and restore the old Sony custom drivers. I hate Windows... why can't this stuff just work?


Woohoo, it worked. That was rather unexpected. The frame rate is pretty slow though... which just means I'll get my butt kicked playing online.

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