Monday, March 21, 2011

Work... or K-pop?

Arg! I just found out today that I have to travel to Singapore for a business trip during the week of April 25th. I can probably still make the concert if we leave Singapore on Friday (4/29) since you arrive back on the West Coast on the "same" day; KMF9 is at the Hollywood Bowl on Saturday (4/30). However, I think I will be in big trouble if I make it all the way to Hong Kong (if I fly Cathay Pacific) without stopping to say hello in Beijing. I'll probably use the rest of my Asia Miles for a round-trip ticket from HKG to PEK that weekend.

Oh well, I won't get to see Sistar in concert after all... and Leon won't get a b-day present this year.
You just blew your chance, I'm sorry sorry mister (0:38)

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Anonymous said...

don't worry. i might be a single "uncle" going to the KMF this year.

got a wondergirls t-shirt i can borrow?