Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Obligatory Blond Bimbo Post

First thought: she's going to have a tough time working in China... because that's where all the jobs are for unskilled labor.

Lemme see... I'm Asian and I went to UCLA for undergrad, but I never studied in the library so I don't know about the cell phone usage comments. If the info is correct and she's a junior, then she was born when I graduated. Even back then, there were a lot of Asians, mostly male, since I was studying Electrical Engineering (the nerdiest of all engineering majors). My parents visited me a few times but they didn't bring food or cleaned my apartment.

Was I offended? Not really. The "ching chong" part is a bit grating. Was it funny? Again, not really, though some of the ugly stereotypes probably is from first-hand experience. I was watching a movie in Beijing and people answered their cell phone while the movie was playing.

My main takeaway is that she was too stupid to tell the difference between Chinese and Japanese people: pot-banging language = Chinese; tsunami = Japanese. Not sure whether she has seen photos/videos from Japan lately but I'd suggest Ms. Wallace avoid tsunami humor for awhile.

This is supposedly the girl in the video. Push up bra or plastic surgery?

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