Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's Too Cold in Tibet for Foreigners

Wow, the Chinese government does care about foreigners (just not reporters). I wonder if they shut down Harbin and all of Heilongjiang too.

People's Daily Online
Official: Tibet temporarily restricts foreign tourists over safety concerns

The temporary measures on restricting foreign tourists to Tibet were mainly due to the current cold winter weather, limited accommodation capacity and safety concerns, a high-ranking official said on Monday.

The plateau region is still in deep freeze in March and lots of religious activities will be held. Local authorities do not hope there is something wrong with foreign tourists, said Zhang Qingli, Party chief of Tibet, while attending the annual parliament session in Beijing.

In addition, many people are going to Tibet now to prepare for a grand ceremony conmmemorating the 60th anniversary of the peaceful liberation of Tibet, which brings great pressure to the limited number of hotels in the region, Zhang said.

How do the PR people live with themselves? The propaganda is so lame and transparent that any educated person knows it's total BS.

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