Sunday, May 31, 2009

Random Photos from Canada Trip

I now know why my dad didn't want to keep the Sony DSLR. It's kinda heavy and bulky and hard to carry unless you have a dedicated camera bag. In addition, I bought him a 70-300mm telephoto zoom lens; it won't fit it the camera bag along with the camera. Anyway, this time I only brought my Panasonic point-and-shoot so I didn't take a lot of pictures.

Welcome to New York! I didn't actually see much of New York since I didn't leave Terminal 8 of JFK Airport. This is the 2nd time I've been in New York State. My other visit was to Buffalo in 1984, trying to recover our impounded Canadian car from US Customs (I'll have to write about that later).

JFK Terminal 8. Quite modern and the bathrooms were amazingly clean and odorless. Maybe because I was the first user at 6am on a Sunday morning.

To get to the departure gate for my Toronto flight, I had to cross under part of the gate area for Terminal 8. It was a long escalator trip down then back up on the other side. I'd hate to be stuck here during a power outage.

The flight from JFK to YYZ was on American Eagle which means riding on a cramped ERJ-140. I had the single seat in the exit row but it was still uncomfortable.

I flew across three out of the five Great Lakes on this trip. This is Lake Ontario near Oakville or Mississauga.

I was one of the first person to go through Canadian Immigration. The airport wasn't that busy on a Sunday morning. My sister arrived the night before and said it was deserted at 11pm as well.

Since I can't sleep well on planes, red eye flights really suck. In addition, the guy next to me was huge and his fat overflowed across the armrest and into my personal space. How come I never get to sit next to the cute yet friendly young Asian female?! Anyway, as soon as my parents/sister picked me up at Pearson Int'l, we drove to East York to visit my 3rd aunt. We lived at her condo for a few months when we first moved to Canada in 1977. She lives on the 27th floor and this is the view from her balcony.

We went to a Chinese restaurant in Markham for brunch. For some reason, my mom ordered Peking Duck. It was pretty good but way too greasy, especially after 24 hours of no sleep.

Dessert made from fried egg whites with a sweet filling.

Train along the Gardiner Expressway. It's the first time I saw a Via train. Usually I see the green GO trains. They travel about 70-80 mph.

The next day (or the same day... I can't remember), we went to visit my 2nd aunt in Mississauga. They used to live in Oakville while we lived in Mississauga; now it's the other way around. They have a lot of pets in their house. Here's my sister taking a picture of their lizard.

They also have a cat and sometimes a dog, depending on whether they're dogsitting for my cousin.

Some time later, we went back to Markham to have lunch at a Mongolian BBQ buffet. This place is at the same location as Pacific Mall where I often bought dinner when I traveled to Markham for work. It was $15 per person and the selection was pretty good.

Meat for the Mongolian BBQ. Choose either beef, pork, chicken, lamb or mix and match.

They even had a shaved ice bar. Some old people at another table just spooned the ingredients into a bowl and didn't get ice. Not sure if they understood what the fancy machine filled with ice was for.

Waiting on the runway at YYZ. We had to wait until the Austrian Air plane landed since we used the same runway for takeoff.

Lake Huron...

... and Lake Michigan.

Since Chicago O'Hare is one of American Airline's hubs, there were a lot of AA jets. This was taken from one of AA's Admirals Clubs near Terminal H/K.

Driving home on the 405 freeway. I velcro'ed a small tripod to the A-pillar and took this using the Night Scene setting (2 second exposure). I stopped at an In-n-Out on the way home as I usually do when I drive back from LAX after a China trip.

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