Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Funny Reviews for Obama USB Drive

I saw this product being sold on Amazon.

Currently, there are 9 reviews (all 1 star) and they're really funny. This one is my favorite.
I, too, was fooled. Granted, I took my chances selecting a product with no performance history. It's just that the marketing was so great! I had to have it! Alas, things are not what they seemed. As soon as I began to use the Obama drive, I noticed several changes. My word processor began actively applying political correctness to my documents. "Uhhh" and "ummm" keep showing up in every paragraph. My security software keeps warning me of impending doom unless I spend tons of money on new programs that are supposed to fix things. Worst of all, I found a trojan horse that removes data from my hard drive, and redistributes it to total strangers.

I asked for a replacement, but was told that only if my Obama drive totally died, it could be replaced, but the choices were a Biden drive or a Pelosi drive. Maybe I'll just outsource my computing needs until 2012.

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hogsman said...

Truly hilarious!