Saturday, May 16, 2009

Koda Kumi (倖田來未) DVD's

After posting the 2009 KTMF videos last week, a lot of people subscribed to my YouTube channel so I feel pressured to upload some content. :)

I bought both her "Best" CD/DVD in Taiwan a few years ago. However, since the DVD's were encoded to Region 3, I've been only able to watch them on my DVD/Karaoke player; it plays almost every disc format known. I have been reluctant to change the DVD player on my personal computers away from Region 1 so I changed it on my work computer and ripped both DVD's. There were a total of 30 music videos. I downloaded a lot of her stuff before so now I have ~60 Koda Kumi MV's. She must be very busy.

I'm going to upload videos that I can't find on YouTube or if there are only low quality versions. I ripped everything at 720x480 @6000kbps so the actual files are ~250MB each and take forever to upload and process.

Here's the first one:

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