Tuesday, May 12, 2009

YouTube Videos

So I am still mad at myself for accidentally deleting a video I recorded of Baek Ji Young this past Saturday. Oh well, I'll just have to find another one of her concerts to attend... maybe in Korea!

After uploading the "fancam" videos to YouTube, some of them have been getting a few hits. The most popular one so far is Lena Park and Jessica (SNSD) singing You Raise Me Up with almost 8,000 views. A lot of people (even from South Korea) subscribed to my "channel" on YouTube. I think they will be disappointed since I hardly ever upload anything; this will probably be my first and last K-pop concert, unless Baek Ji Young comes to LA again. :)

Somebody else's recording of 입술을 주고 by Baek Ji Young

Some people comments that the quality of the videos were very good. I actually thought they were pretty crappy since I had to shoot at max zoom (280mm) on my camera. Since it's not a camcorder, I couldn't change the zoom while recording and the sound quality was pretty bad. However, compared to the typical 30 second, wildly shaking clips, I guess my videos were decent by comparison. It's probably more of a function of the image-stabilization system of the camera than technique.

I also got tricked by the camera into taking low quality videos at first. At the highest quality setting (30fps VGA), it said I could record only 22:34 of video. That only works out to 4-5 songs, plus I wanted to take photos, so I set the recording to 320x240 (30fps QVGA) during the first half of the concert; I switch back to 640x480 when SNSD came out. After downloading the videos to my computer, I noticed that the low quality videos were about 140MB for 5 minutes and the high quality videos were about 300MB for 4 minutes. That means I could have shot 50+ minutes on my 4GB SDHC card. The VGA videos look much better since they're 4x the size. That's good to know if I go to this concert next year.

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