Sunday, May 24, 2009

American Airlines Flight 10

I’m on the red eye flight from LAX to JFK and we’re about 90 minutes from New York. There is wifi on this flight and it appears to be a 11g wireless router. I’m not actually going to post this from the flight since I was too cheap to pay the $5.95 fee. It’s supposed to go up to $12.95 after a promo period. Without paying the fee, you can access and some stories from WSJ. Since you can’t use your cell phone on flights, it would be cool to be able to use Skype or MSN Messenger. If they offer this on Cathay Pacific, I’d definitely pay to use it now that I have a computer that can run 8+ hours on batteries.

I’m in one of the exit row seats on a Boeing 767. I think it’s the first time I’ve been on this type of plane; usually I’m on a 737, 747, or Airbus A320. On the way back to LA, I’m on two consecutive MD-80 flights. I don’t think I’ve been on one of those either. I got a free pass for AA’s Admirals Club right before I left so I’ll probably use that during my 3 hour layover in Chicago. Interestingly, this is the first time I’ve sat in an exit row seat domestically. I usually select seats on my own and exit row/bulkhead seats are always unavailable. This time I called the AA Platinum phone number since I had to reuse a previously cancelled free flight, and the reservation person just gave me exit row seats on all 4 flights. I also had to pay $0.40 on my credit card since the international flight taxes went up a bit (I had to pay $40 when I initially reserved the flight).

Dang it. The flight map shows that we’re flying over Detroit. If I was on the direct LAX to YYZ flight, I would be there in another 30 minutes. Instead, I have another hour to New York, and won’t get to Toronto for another 5+ hours. At least it’s more bearable than the 15 hour flight from LA to Hong Kong. I think my sister is going to pick me up from Pearson Airport. I called her right after I cleared security in LA and she happened to just get off her flight in Toronto at ~11pm Eastern Time. I’m making her go back to the airport after ~11 hours but I’m returning the favor by dropping her off next Wednesday really really really early for a 7am flight back home. They need to make these airport things more convienent.

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