Saturday, May 16, 2009

PS3 Pinball Game

I just bought a pinball (Zen Pinball) game for my PS3 online from the Playstation Store using the PS3. It's way too convenient... and dangerous on the wallet. The game is 319MB and it's downloading right now. My wireless network has been a bit flaky lately so I hope this works. 35 minutes for a 300MB download seems like a long time.

I'm sitting in the living room blogging this from my netbook, which is also on the same wireless network, while watching the game download. How did we live before all this technology?!


Eehh, the pinball game is so so. I guess I should expect too much for $9.99. The main problem with pinball games is that the pinball table is long and narrow portrait but the HD TV image is long and narrow landscape. The game has lots of views but the fixed perspective views only show the bottom of the table clearly while the moving views move way too fast for me to figure out what's going on. There are 4 tables but they all seem similar with lots of tracks that carry the ball all over the place, or so it seems. The graphics are pretty nice but I still like Space Cadet Pinball that came with Windows (but not Vista) and Pinball Construction Set by EA on the Apple II. :)

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