Friday, May 8, 2009

Korean Concert Tickets

Woohoo! I got two tickets from someone with extras. The seats are in the Terrace Box section (TB03). I've been to the Hollywood Bowl many times and this is the closest I've ever sat, though most of the concerts have been orchestral. From fan videos during past concerts, this one will be loud, with lots of screaming teenagers.

Now that I'm going, I should find out more about the singers/groups (the bold names are the ones I've heard of):

MC: Son Ho Young

Girls’ Generation (SNSD)
Lee Juk
Lena Park
Kim Changwan Band
Son Ho Young
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Kim Heung Gook
Tae Jina
Tenor Um Jung Haeng
Kim Tae Woo
Baek Ji Young

Min Hae Kyung

I scanned through the thread on forums (352 pages) and there are lots of people whining about AP tests. Now I feel really really old. :(

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Anonymous said...

AP exams stands for "annual prostate" exam right?

i was walking around UCLA 2 weeks ago thinking i was a dinosaur. now this makes me feel even older. sucks. :(