Monday, May 4, 2009

Omega Service Network

I have an old Omega Constellation watch. I think it originally belonged to my uncle Jackson (gift from ex-girlfriend) who then gave it to my grandfather who gave it to my dad. I've had it for awhile and still wear it once in awhile. The problem with an automatic watch is that they stop if you don't wear it for a few days. Even when I wear it daily, it slows by a few minutes each day so I have to adjust it. Since it's pretty old, the adjustment knob is a bit stiff and the internal movement probably needs maintenance.

Anyway, from the Omega website, I searched for an official customer service center. There are only two places listed for California: one in Beverly Hills and the other in West LA. I also looked up Chengdu and there are three service centers. Maybe Omega's database is incomplete but it appears that I can get better service for my watch in China than at home.


Dang it. After reading more about Omega Constellations online, I'm not sure if my watch is real or a replica. There is a test called the "MOY test" which checks the alignment of the three letters under the Omega logo. The letters don't line up exactly right per the test on my watch. I probably should take it to a Omega retailer and have them verify the authenticity of the watch.

Yeah, 2:20 AM. I need to go to sleep. :(

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Darryl said...

Your Omega probably has a power reserve of about 48-56 hours, so unless you wear it for ~8 hours every 2 days, you'll need a winder for it to keep time. You might look at Orbita for a winder, but yours looks fairly simple - just need to set the time. Some other watches where you have to set moon phase, second time zone, dates, etc - perhaps a winder might not be a bad investment.

I had a "replica" rolex from China - it's scary how close some of these look and feel to the real thing.