Saturday, May 30, 2009

Last Trip to Toronto

So I think this may be my last trip to Toronto for the near future since my parents are moving back to Los Angeles. The first time we moved from Canada to the US, I didn’t visit from 1987 to 2004. Maybe my mom will still visit my aunts and I can go back with her; I need to use up 100k of AA miles before they expire.

We visited a few relatives during this trip and I got to eat lunch with Cyrus. Other than family, I think I’ve known him for the longest period. We were in the same class in sixth grade and since we both joined the instrumental music class, we were also in the same class for seventh and eighth grade. We both then ended up going to Applewood Heights for high school instead of TLK, which is where most of the people went after The Valleys (junior high). I treated him to lunch so he has to buy me lunch next time in California.

I think my parents’ move is pretty much planned out. I need to go back and find them an apartment starting early July. All they have to do is to finish tossing stuff and pack everything for the moving company. They’ve decided to drop off the Camry in Buffalo to ship to California instead of driving it themselves. I thought I would have to meet them in Chicago in July to help with the drive. They’re still looking for a house/townhouse. Ironically, they found one they liked this morning on in NW Fullerton and it’s right next to the condo Shirley just purchased. Maybe my mom can cook for her… ok, maybe not. I’m still looking for a house too and it’s more and more likely I need a three bedroom house instead of a smaller condo. I really like the live/work lofts in downtown Santa Ana except that I don’t really need the storefront-like workspace and there aren’t enough bedrooms. I’ve been narrowing my search to houses built after 1980 and listed for less than $600k. Almost everything available near work is a short sale or bank owned.

The pilot just announced that we’re about 20 minutes out of LAX. All the flights on this trip have been pretty good. The exit rows are much roomier than regular seats though I’ve never had too many problems with AA. The old Cathay 747 seats are the worst, especially when the person in front of you recline their seat right into your lap. I watched one and a half movies on my netbook (no TV screens on a MD-80) and still have >2 hours of battery life left. I probably couldn’t have finished even one movie with my power hungry Sony Vaio or the huge Dell D820 I have a work now.

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