Friday, December 12, 2008

Soul Eater

I found a website with lots of Japanese anime with English subtitles. At random, I downloaded the first episode of Soul Eater and it's really weird. Since then, I've downloaded all 28 episodes from the site and watched the 2nd episode. Evidently, there are 51 episodes total and it's still on-air in Japan.


The files are ~170MB each so 28 episodes is nearly 5GB. In addition to the 240GB HD in my Sony Vaio, I also have a 250GB external HD connected to it, and a 500GB external HD connected to my Mac. The 250GB is used mainly for movies and TV shows and I'm down to ~37GB. I still have ~175GB left on the other HD but it's mainly for MP3's and music videos. Costco is selling a 1TB external drive for $120... time for an upgrade, maybe?

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