Monday, December 29, 2008

Portland Airport (again)

I hate Portland weather; I drove to the airport this morning and it was raining pretty hard. With the rain and warmer weather though, most of the snow on the roads melted so at least the driving was easier. I like rain once in awhile but it seems to be perpetually wet here. The airport was crazy busy this morning. I checked in online but the security line was really long. They're really strict with checking ID here so I couldn't sneak into the first class line since I am flying Alaska Airlines instead of American.

I think this flight is pretty full as well. At least the plane is already at the gate. It's the same plane I took to fly up here on Thursday.


Since it's already Dec 29th, I think I'm done with flying this year. Including all the different trips for work and vacation, I've been on 35 flights this year:

American = 13
Cathay Pacific = 6
Dragonair = 6
Alaska = 4
American Eagle = 2
Sichuan Airlines = 2
Air China = 1
Southwest = 1


Leon said...

that's kind of funny that you been on Sichuan Airlines twice and southworst once the whole year.

totochi said...

That was the Jan trip up to San Jose. I was supposed to be on an American Eagle flight that got cancelled. There were only 10 of us on the Southwest flight from SNA to SJC.