Monday, December 1, 2008

Lost (Luggage) and Found

For some reason, my checked luggage did not get on the same flight as me from DFW to SNA. I was getting a bit anxious since a co-worker was circling the airport waiting to pick me up and I couldn't find my luggage. A quick check with the lost luggage desk showed that my bag was coming in on a later flight. I had almost a two hour layover in DFW; surely that's enough time to transfer one piece of luggage. Good thing there are a million flights (ok, four) from DFW to SNA so my bag came on the next flight. I've been home about 90 minutes and they just delivered my bag... pretty good. Last time I lost my bag on the way to China, Cathay Pacific/Dragonair took a week and managed to deliver the wrong bag; it even had a China Airlines tag on it.

It's a good thing AA found and delivered my lost luggage so fast. It saves my 3 readers from additional boring posts about it (I'm talking to you, HH).

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