Monday, December 1, 2008


The Canadian weather finally got me. I woke up Saturday morning with a terrible headache. We were planning on driving to Kipling station and take the subway downtown to walk around. During lunch though, I felt worse so we only stopped by the Chinese market and went back home. I ended up spending the next two days in bed with a slight fever.

Frozen food section at the Chinese market in Mississauga. There's pork stomach soup, pork lung soup, and silkie chicken soup with conch.

I got up this morning at 4am to finish packing and leave for the airport. My flight is was at 6:50am but we weren't sure if the roads would be covered with snow. I also had to cram 4 bottles of ice wine into my luggage; hopefully they will survive the trip. I managed to get upgraded to business class on my flight from Toronto to Dallas/Fort Worth. It's the first time I flew business class on a domestic flight. It was weird sitting there with everyone staring at you as they walk by.

Cheese omelete breakfast. Not sure if it was the food or the medicine I took this morning but I had to go to the bathroom real bad after eating the omelete. :(

Right now I'm sitting in DFW airport waiting for my flight to John Wayne airport. They have these stations that have electrical plugs, USB charging port, and a free wired internet connection. I'm not sure why US airports don't just offer free wireless internet connection like everywhere else in the world (and Portland). Good thing I had my CAT-5 cable on me. At least it gives me something to do while waiting.

I never get to see the front of the engine.

Coming in for landing at DFW airport (not the airport in the picture).

Skylink trains at DFW airport.

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