Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Canada Trip #3 - Wednesday

Nothing exciting... just more snow.

I'm staying at Residence Inn. It's right next to a Courtyard/Marriott. I think Residence Inn is owned by Marriott as well.

It was pretty windy last night. This is a long exposure shot of a Canadian flag blowing in the wind.

My rental car this morning. I'm really against the auto bailout. If they can't build good cars, they shouldn't be in business. The last three cars I rented in Toronto were all American: Pontiac G5, Ford Escape, and the latest is a Chevy Impala. They were all new cars yet I'd rather drive my old 1999 Toyota 4Runner. I doubt I'll ever buy an American car, not counting the Jeep Cherokee we bought for off-road racing.

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