Sunday, December 14, 2008

Canada Trip #3 - Sunday

Heh, I decided that I had enough clean clothes so I didn’t do any laundry last night. My flight was at 8:00am so I had a taxi pick me up at 6:30am. I live really close to John Wayne Airport but not close enough to walk. There were a lot of people at the airport this morning but it still took only 20 minutes to check-in and clear security. The SNA to DFW flight was complete full so I didn’t get an upgrade to business class.

At the security check, there were two guys in front of me who held up the entire line. I’m not sure whether they’ve not traveled for the pasts several years or if they were retarded. Both had packed all their toiletries in their carry on and by the quantity, they were either gay or metrosexuals. The TSA lady was pretty nice as she helped them unpack and bag their stuff in zip-lock bags. I would have tossed all their stuff in the trash. The other type of airplane passengers I hate are the ones that have seats at the back of the plane yet they stick their huge carry-on luggage in first class or near the front of the plane. People who get on the plane later are screwed since they have to roam all over the plane looking for luggage space. This also causes a traffic jam after the plane lands as people scramble to deplane.

Anyway, I was a bit worried about this flight connection since it was only 40 minutes between flights. It turned out that one of the passenger seats was busted and we had to wait for maintenance to come and fix it. The flight finally took off at 8:30am so I thought I would miss my connection in Dallas. However, the flight only took 2 hours and 12 minutes and we ended up arriving 5 minutes early. I’m not sure how much slack is in the published flight schedules for us to make up 35 minutes, or the pilot flew really fast.

Right now I’m on the DFW to YYZ flight where I did get upgraded to business class. I thought I had the row (2 seats) to myself but right before take off, a large white male sat down next to me. If I was in economy, he would have definitely encroached into my space.

I always try to take a shower before flights so I feel more comfortable and also as a courtesy to other passengers. This guy however had very bad BO. I have two vents on full pointed at me to keep the smell away. Ugh.

Once again, the food is so so. I still feel the food I get in economy on Asian flights is better. I couldn’t finish the sandwich; there was too much cheese. I did eat the salad though. The guy next to me didn’t touch his salad but ate everything else really fast, while reading his Men’s Health magazine.


I'm checked into the same hotel as last time. It's a different room but the layout is exactly the same.

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Anonymous said...

you have the worst luck with flights. one of these days it will balance out and the person sitting next to you will be a Victoria's Secret model.