Saturday, December 13, 2008


I went to see my grandparents at Rose Hills today. I haven't seen both of them together since my parents brought my grandfather's ashes from Taiwan in March. Since it's almost Christmas, there were a lot of people putting up flowers and other decorations. I bought some flowers at the flower shop and wished them a Merry Christmas.

I don't know my grandparents that well. I moved away from Taiwan when I was 8 years old and never saw my grandfather alive again. I wish I had the chance to hear his story, especially during WW2 with Japan and the Chinese Civil War. My grandmother move to the US after my grandfather passed away but she had dementia by then and I didn't understand her that well.

There was no place to put flowers by my grandfather. Someone had left a little Christmas tree; not sure if it was one of the other cousins or the wind blew it there.


View of the sunset

I wonder where I'll end up buried after I die. Will anyone bring flowers for me?

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Anonymous said...

if you go before me, and end up in Rose Hills. we will make sure to leave you something whenever we go.

however, that is a big if. i only expect to make it to 54.