Sunday, December 14, 2008

Playstation 3

For some reason, the PS3 is the same price in Canada as it is in the US (~$400). With the recent drop in the exchange rate, it's cheaper to buy the console in Canada, even after adding all the different taxes. I stopped by a Future Shop on the way to my parent's house and bought the 80GB system plus two games: Metal Gear Solid 4 and Fallout 3. The total, with tax, came out to CAD$543 which is about $435 US. The same stuff would have cost me ~$500 on Amazon. Now I just have to carry it back home on two flights this Thursday.


I went to Best Buy in Markham and bought one more game: Resistance 2. It was only CAD$50 so it's cheaper than buying it in the US. All three games are rated "M" so I had to enter my birth date on all the websites. I wonder how many 40 year old gamers there are.


Looking to buy three more games: Little Big Planet, GTA IV, and Gran Turismo 5.


joseph said...

You may want to consider Guitar Hero or Rock Band...That's going to be the new Karaoke! Lot's of fun when friends come over!

totochi said...

Ha ha, I have a DVD/Karaoke player but all I have are Chinese songs.

Rock Band looks like too much work.