Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sleeping Dogs

I've been playing this game for the past few days. It's basically Grand Theft Auto set in Hong Kong with the twist that you are an undercover cop... kinda like a video game version of Infernal Affairs. There is a lot of cussing in English and Cantonese; every time you bump into someone while running or driving, I hear 有冇搞錯, which means are you kidding?

Overall, the game is pretty good but it tries to out-GTA the original game. There are lots of gratuitous violence, blood and gore, and much more sexual innuendo than GTA. The graphics on the PC version is very detailed. On some cars, you can see vented disc brakes and painted calipers. Lots of CGI cleavages too.

Few things that suck. First is the controls on a PC using keyboard and mouse. It's obviously designed as a console game first so it's hard to control, especially while driving. I ordered a Logitech gamepad a few days ago so I'll continue when it arrives. Another problem is that Hong Kong drives on the wrong side of the road. I keep forgetting when driving fast in-game, which leads to a lot of crashes. Unlike GTA, you are penalized if you crash into stuff while on a mission.

Finally, the voice acting is excellent. They casted real Asians (Kelly Hu, Lucy Liu, Edison Chen, James Hong) instead of a bunch of white people, but some of the HK English accents are too much. :)


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