Tuesday, September 11, 2012

46 Slaves

Look, a website that calculates how many "slaves" work for me... and most of them are in China. If I'm going to oppress people through forced labor, I may as well do it to my "own" people.

Slavery Footprint

This is beyond stupid, and a waste of taxpayer money: the website is sponsored by the State Department. The site says the average person has 38 slaves; I got dinged for my 10 computers. There are about 200+ million adults in the U.S. If each one has 38 slaves working for them, then there are 7.6 billion slaves worldwide supporting the American lifestyle.

Wait, there are only 7.0 billion people on earth? Let's not let facts get in the way of progressive feel-good propaganda crap. If you are going to use incendiary rhetoric such as equating "owning slaves" to consumerism, you'd better get your story straight. Like the comment above for China. There are closer to 250 million migrant workers and the majority do not work in illegal coal mines or brick kilns. Most probably work in factories like Foxconn; is that considered "forced labor"?

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