Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bill Ruehle Book, Part 2

Still reading... I just finished chapter 4 of Bill Ruehle's book.

A few comments:

As Bill mentions in his book, he is a very private person. Not sure how this affects his personal life, but he was pretty distant at work, at least to the peons in Finance. I'm certain that he didn't know who I was, and I don't remember ever talking to him personally. For many years, I organized an annual Finace event at Del Mar racetrack; each year I would send an invite to Bill but he never attended... heck, he never even replied to my invites. The general impression was that Bill only focused on investor relatons and left day-to-day Finance management to the coproate controller.

Bill also writes about his family in the book, including his current wife, Julie (Bahadori). He didn't hide the fact that she worked for him at Broadcom though he says that their relationship was strictly professional. However, I've heard from many ex-Broadcom employees that she wasn't exactly a model of professionalism at work.

Anyway, this doesn't mean he was guilty of anything. It's his book so he gets to tell his side of the story.

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Anonymous said...

i guess post-Nick; BRCM employees started acting more like IBM so they would know what work professionalism looks like