Wednesday, September 26, 2012

iOS6 Update (Why Apple Sucks)

Sigh... I updated my iPad2 with iOS6 this morning. I knew about the "new" Maps app from Apple replacing Google Maps but I was surprised to find that YouTube is also missing. Other than email, Google Maps and YouTube are the two apps I use the most on my iPad and now they're both gone... and I got nothing in return from iOS6.

After the "no Flash on iOS devices" crap, I should have zero expectations from Apple but this is pretty lame. You can't find Google Maps nor YouTube on in the iTunes apps store so I'm stuck with the crappy Apple Maps and using YouTube on Safari Chrome. Again, I love Apple hardware and operating system but hate Apple management. Why can't I have Adobe Flash instead of nothing? Why can't I run Siri on my iPhone4 and iPad2? Slow is better than nothing. :(

P.S. Yes, I know why. Apple wants to sell more hardware. I wish they'd just say it.


Anonymous said...

yeah but do you hate them enough to stick with a slow buggy BB like i'm doing?

still you know why i'm staying from iPhone5. reasons in descending order:

a. Facetime
b. SJ is a complete asshole(100%)
c. Terry Guo is just a touch less of an asshole than Jobs(let's call him 99%).
d. Ping-Guo now wields more power today than MSFT ever did

Apple Maps said...

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