Friday, September 21, 2012

Shuttle Endeavour

Since work is near LAX, we got a pretty good view of Shuttle Endeavour's piggyback flight. Marketing told us that the Shuttle would flyby anywhere from 11:30am to 12:30pm so a bunch of us headed out to the parking lot across the street. It was really hot but it seemed everyone was outside trying to catch a glimpse.

The first pass was pretty far away. I think it was headed to the California Science Center and downtown LA.

It then looped around back towards LAX but still pretty far away.

After flying over Orange County, including Disneyland, the shuttle carrier did a really close flyby over our work building. Not sure if it was planned since we're one of the potential replacements for flying NASA astronauts... it was pretty awesome.

Closer shot without the two chase planes.

I gave my point-and-shoot camera to a co-worker who was allowed on the roof of our building.

After the close flyby, the shuttle carrier looped around LAX and lined up for final approach and landing.

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