Saturday, September 15, 2012

Microsoft Outlook 2011

Since I have Office 2011 for Mac, and Microsoft replaced Entourage with Outlook, I wanted to link to my Hotmail account using Outlook, like I do on my Windows 7 desktop. Without reading too closely, I put in my Hotmail credentials and Outlook proceeded to download 2800+ email messages... I need to clean out my inbox. However, the account was configured to POP3 instead of IMAP so all the messages came into the inbox, without any folders. Crap. I researched online and found out that Hotmail doesn't really support IMAP, and Office 2010 (Windows 7) uses a connector software to provide IMAP-like connections.

Of course, that piece of important software is not available on OS X. Why? Who knows. Not enough Mac users bitching at Microsoft? Whatever the case, I'm now back to using a browser to access my email. Lame.


I'm now installing Diablo III on the MBA (MacBook Air). D3 works well on my desktop since I have a Radion 6870 video card. The MBA only has an Intel HD4000 with 384MB of video RAM.

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