Friday, September 14, 2012

Apple 3-Piece Set

Freshman Wants Apple Three-Piece Set for College, Her Claim that Inability to Buy Will Embarrass Her Leaves Her Mother in Tears

Since the middle of August, freshmen have been arriving at universities one after another for registration. Quite a few of them have been acquiring “equipment” for their upcoming college life. At a store in Beijing Zhongguancun, this scene occurred: A girl insisted on buying an iPhone4s, iPad3, and Macbook “Apple 3-Piece Set”, and they had to be with high configuration/specifications. The girl said, “if you don’t buy me these, just go ahead and let me lose face in college”. Her mother was in tears because she couldn’t afford them.

Now that my new Apple MacBook Air has arrived, I've caught up to a Chinese college freshman. Hmm... my iPhone is a work phone so it's not really even mine.

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