Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Change From Within

Global Times
Beijing government has announced that for the first time, it is allowing foreigners to apply for positions as government officials.
Both foreigners and overseas Chinese are welcome to apply for a government talent program, which is designed to attract overseas scholars and entrepreneurs for seven special positions in the Beijing government, the Global Times confirmed with the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Human Resources Tuesday.

"It's the first time that we've decided to recruit senior managers and specialized talents from overseas to work for the government. It doesn't matter if you are Chinese or not," the bureau's media officer, surnamed Cui, told the Global Times on Tuesday.

If the candidate can meet the requirements, he or she can apply. Successful applicants will be employed as assistants to senior officials or as the director of some major projects.

If you're not part of the solution, then you're part of the problem.

Wow, a whole whopping 7 positions. Still is this an opportunity to work within the party and reform from within? Laowais can apply?!
Despite this, the job information is only posted in the Chinese language on the HR bureau's website, and on, a site that recruits people from overseas for jobs in China.

That's okay. I know enough Mandarin to get by. My first job out of engineering school was at a Chinese-owned company where I had to learn technical terms in Chinese. I think I'd be perfect for auditing government agencies and SOE (state-owned enterprises) for corruption. 17 years of budgeting and financial analysis should qualify me...
Chinese candidates for official positions should undergo a background "political check," which includes looking at the records of parents or grandparents.

Dang it. That KMT family history is not going to help. Maybe by "foreigners" they mean North Koreans or Cubans.

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Anonymous said...

you got to be crazy.

being a foreigner with kmt-ties auditing government cadres. that sounds more dangerous than mining coal in china.

the problem is that the system is so corrupt that the straight shooters are rooted out of the system. if you don't take red envelopes, all the ones taking them below and above you will view you as a threat.