Sunday, June 14, 2009


Looks can be deceiving. Part of the hype around Susan Boyle is that she doesn't look the part of a Broadway singer. Likewise, when I first saw Whale on Star Golden Bell, I was surprised at her voice and her name. I cut out the relevant 60 second clip:


Luckily, there is a bit more info on W&Whale on the web. The name of the band is W and her name is Whale. I haven't found the backstory of why she chose that stage name. They have two albums out in Korea and a couple of quirky MV's.

W&Whale - R.P.G. Shine
I just noticed at the beginning of the MV it says W&鲸 which is whale in Chinese/Hanja. She also looks different in the MV compared to the Star Golden Bell clip.

Say My Name (Destiny's Child)
Hmm, she looks different here too. Maybe she went for a stealth no make-up look on the Star Golden Bell. Here are more HD videos on Youtube.

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