Friday, June 5, 2009

Another Strange Dream

I usually don't remember my dreams after I wake up. However, I still remember the one from last night. Does this happen more often as people get older?

I'm driving my SUV somewhere to either go hiking or camping. After a long drive through a college campus, I arrived at a old building to spend the night with some other people. However, a volcano has erupted nearby so ash was falling down the entire time and I was worried that the ash would collapse the roof of our building. Then it started to rain heavily and muddy rainwater started to leak through the ceiling. The last thing I remember was trying to get out of the building, getting my socks wet, and some strangers with dogs and cats (leashed) trying to help me remove my wet socks. Unfortunately, none of the members of SNSD showed up.

Maybe dreams are not so random after all. I'm going hiking with some coworkers tomorrow morning though I certain there are no volcanoes around here.

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hogsman said...

Wow -- what did you eat before you went to bed??!!