Sunday, June 14, 2009

Winterplay (K-jazz)

If you search SNSD using Google, it returns about 4.57 million hits in 0.09 seconds. Since everything is connected through the Internet (except North Korea), there is a lot of K-pop info on the web. However, it is still hard to find stuff for less popular artists, especially when I can't read Korean. I found a couple Youtube videos by a Korean jazz group called Winter Play Winterplay (one word). Other than the two videos, I couldn't find any more info on the web.

Billie Jean (Michael Jackson)
The singer looks a bit like Shu Qi, the Chinese actress in The Transporter. Her English is not too shabby.

Come Together (The Beatles)
Here she is joined by Horan of Ibadi/Clazziquai. Trumpet solo!

I can't find any info on Winter Play from online stores as well. If Sunny (ex-coworker) goes back to visit Korea this September, I'll ask her to see if she can find any CD's in music stores.


UPDATE: 1/14/2011

I managed to find a lot more on Winterplay, including replacement YouTube links to the dead ones above.

Billy Jean (Michael Jackson) - Winterplay

Come Together (The Beatles) - Winterplay + Horan

Quando Quando Quando - Winterplay


park said...

hello,there.. do you like Winter play too? I like Jazz.. and I'm so into them since fist time heard their song in 20th Anniversary You Young Suk album. on CD I

now,I'm searching about them.. and yea. it's hard to find their songs.
If you don`t mind, we can share links about this group or link to download their songs..
thanks :)

totochi said...

Hi. I managed to find 3 full albums and 15 music videos/performances for Winterplay. I can post up links to stuff if you want on my other blog: In the meantime, there are lots of videos here on YouTube: