Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Bad Drivers

Avoid this car!

On my way back to work from lunch today, I was cut off again at the same on/off-ramp. This time it was a black Porsche Cayenne Turbo trying to take the MacArthur exit. There's really no good reason for him (yes, another white guy) to cut me off from the left, especially when there is no one behind me. I think he gains two or three positions on the exit ramp, saving about... 5 seconds? At least I didn't get the finger this time.

My entire commute was about 6 minutes so I'm only posting the relevant 30 seconds. The exit lane is quite long and there was a lot of room behind me to merge in and exit. I was probably going ~60mph when Mr. Cayenne suddenly sped up and cut into my lane. You can't see the front of my car but it was really close, probably only about 2-3 feet of clearance. I guess if you spent $100k on a 500hp SUV that you never take off-road, you have to show off somewhere. I should have rammed him to see how much the bumper costs... oh well, next time. :)


On a techical note, the original 6 minute video clip was a 471MB Quicktime movie (848x480 30fps). That seems ridiculously large. I saved the short 30 second clip as an AVI file using Quicktime Pro and it was only ~8MB. I think I'll delete the original file since there's nothing else intereting in the video clip.


Anonymous said...

It would have been bad if he cut in front of you and then slammed on his brakes in order to cut into the exit ramp. But what I witnessed on your video is an everyday occurance on America's highways and byways.

Anonymous said...

Let's not stereotype all bad drivers as being white guys. But let's stereotype all bad drivers as being foreign asian females. Avoid them on your daily commute at all costs!

totochi said...

This is South Orange County where there are lots of white guys driving expensive cars. I visually confirmed that both cars cutting me off were driven by white guys. It was a bit surprising since I kinda expected Chinese housewives behind the wheel.