Monday, June 8, 2009

Bad Driver

The exit right before the one I take to get to work has a long exit only lane that is connected to the previous on-ramp. In the morning, cars get backed up in the exit lane so some people wait until the last minute to cut in, often obstructing lanes, making it dangerous for people in the normal traffic lanes. In addition, people just pulling on the freeway also cut into the traffic lanes early, going much too slow, so they avoid the row of cars trying to exit. Anyway, due to the road design and poor/inpatient drivers, I'm surprised there are not "accidents" every morning.

This morning, I came to work a bit later than usual so there wasn't any traffic on this on-ramp/exit lane. However, old white guy in a new MB C300 decides to cut into the traffic lane without looking. As he was cutting me off, by no more than 2-3 feet, I honk my horn to warn him since I was still going ~20 mph faster than he was. Without glancing back and while still cutting into my lane, he flicks me off. Since we're near the Newport Back Bay, some people use the on/off ramp as part of their local commute. Unless the driver uses their signal lights, who knows if they want to merge into the traffic lanes or not... and no, he did not use his signal lights.

For the past few weeks, I had my mini tripod mounted inside my 4Runner and sometimes I would take videos of my drive to work. Unfortunately, I didn't have the camera this morning so I missed it.

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