Sunday, June 28, 2009

"New" Apartment

I'm hanging out in my parent's empty apartment, waiting for my laundry to dry. They are moving here next Friday... actually, their furniture has already been picked up by the moving company. To make things easier, I got them an one-bedroom apartment (almost directly) downstairs from me. It's a slightly bigger floorplan which they will need to store their furniture and boxes of stuff.

Right now I'm borrowing someone's wireless signal. From my apartment, I can see about a dozen access points and this was the only non-secure AP. My 802.11n router shows up with about 2 bars of signal and drops quite often. I know my parents like to watch Chinese TV streaming over the web so I bought another Netgear wireless-N router, which I will try to configure as a repeater. This way, they can share my 10Mb cable modem connection and save some money. I don't know how to share my cable TV signal so they may have to get their own cable account.

I've been too lazy to really cook for the past 3+ years. Now that my parents are right next to me for the next six months, maybe I'll get some home-cooked food. I probably should also learn how to cook Chinese food from them...

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