Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Red Envelope

I just got off the phone/Skype with my friend in Chengdu. The judge in her divorce case accepted the ¥500 "gift" and has agreed to pass the paperwork up for approval. It will still take another 3-6 months since the government will publish the verdict (not sure where) for final public comment. The dinner "gift" is no longer required at this time.

The impression my friend got was that the actual amount didn't matter as much as the fact a "gift" was offered. It seems that corruption is so prevalent that it's almost part of the official process in getting things done.

In China, 有钱就没有问题!

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Anonymous said...

we only got 14 more days to get our loan. after dropping another small red envelope (10 red maos), our paperwork is magically moving forward. we will see if we can finally close.