Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Bass Amp Adventure Drive

As I posted before, I bought a used bass head (SWR 350x) from an ad on Craigslist. Since I hurt my leg, I haven't been playing bass at NewSong for several weeks. All my other gear is still in the Ministry Center so I haven't had a chance to try the new amplifier out with my bass cab.

Leon came by last Sunday to help me out with some chores and also drove me to Mission Viejo to pick up the amp. If I ever rob a bank and need a getaway driver, I know who to call. On the way back home, we pulled up behind a Honda Civic at a stoplight. When the light turned green, the car didn't move so Leon tapped the horn. At the next light, as the Civic drove through a yellow, the driver stuck her arm out and gave us the finger. Huh? I think I said, "You can still catch up..." so when the light turned, Leon floored the accelerator.

Not Leon's actual Camry but close. This one has a nicer paint job and probably a working driver's door.

I need to mention at this point that he wasn't driving his beat-up Camry but my 350Z. The entire time I was telling him, "Remember, the Z handles different from your Camry." Regardless, soon we were flying down the road at 80+ mph, and coming up to a left turn to El Toro Road. If you're not used to driving a sports car, speed perception can be deceiving. I was thinking to myself that he was taking this left turn a bit fast as he screeched through the intersection. With fairly fat and grippy Bridgestone Potenzas, it's not that easy to squeal the tires on the Z. Maybe he watched Tokyo Drift one time too many. Anyway, we then proceeded to blow right past the Civic while Leon stuck his arm out the window to return their greeting. Meantime, I was in the passenger seat laughing hysterically, having averted certain death. Leon then says to me, "Where are we? Will El Toro Road take us to the freeway?"

After being stuck at home for two weeks, it was good to finally get some excitement. I think Leon may be interested in buying my Z. He can then paint it black and be like this guy:


sam said...

Oh.. you bought a new bass amp? nice!! that is good amp. I need to check it out one day. hope your leg is getting better.


David said...

Thanks for sharing the list of info. Its really means alot for me. :0
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