Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Government Customer Service

I spoke with my friend about the whole U.S. visa application process and I seem to be more pissed off then she is even though I'm 7000+ miles away. In our conversation, my friend was actually making excuses for the Consulate on why her application was rejected. I get the sense from her that whatever the government decides, it's final. That's probably why she thought it was weird that I'm writing a complaint letter and was a bit worried that I would get in trouble with the U.S. government.

Hmm, I've always thought complaining about/to our government was the essense of being an American. :) Seriously, my first thought after hearing about the poor customer service at the U.S. Consulate in Chengdu was, "Hey, I'm a taxpayer (especially these past two years)! I pay these bozo's salaries!" My tax dollars probably doesn't even go to the Chengdu Consulate; they can fund themselves fine with thousands of people paying the $130 visa application fee.

I have not received any replies from the Consul General in Chengdu. It's only been two days and my expectations are not high... at all. But someone wrote that crap about customer service standards on the State Department website and someone above them must have approved it. There has to be accountability somewhere between China and Condie Rice and I'll keep sending out emails until I find it.


closetmusician said...

after seeing the trouble my coworkers go through to get their US work visas, i'm not surprised anymore. and keep in mind this is a world famous company sponsoring their visas.

my unmarried female coworkers have to bring in pictures, jewelry/gifts, and just about anything short of marrying their bfs to convince the consulate that they're not running off to the US to get married. how funny is that?

totochi said...

Wow, that's not encouraging. Hopefully the consulate employees at least look at the application and supporting documents.

My friend said she stood next to an older couple wanting to visit the U.S. to see their daughter. They were likewise summarily rejected. The mom broke out in tears and the father was trying to argue with the interviewing officer. The consulate called in the police to remove them. Classy.