Thursday, July 31, 2008

Leaked Olympic Video

Sam sent me an article about how despite the multiple layers of security at the Olympics, a camera crew from SBS (Seoul Broadcast Systems) was able to walk in and film the opening ceremony rehearsal. The clip was posted online but soon disappeared from and YouTube, presumably under pressure from BOCOG.

Further proof that Chinese Netizens or 愤怒青年 (indignant angry youths) are crazy:
The leak angered some internet users, who claimed the channel had effectively broken state secrecy laws by screening the footage.

"How could such a network be so unprofessional? They are no better than paparazzi!" fumed one comment posted on popular Chinese web portal Tianya. "Resolutely boycott Korean goods!" said another.

In the spirit of open communications, I downloaded the clip and uploaded it to Blogger. :)

It does look a lot like the Mass Games in North Korea. Entertainment... communist style!

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