Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hybrid Price Gouging

Just like prices for plywood sheeting skyrockets before a hurricane, prices for hybrid cars are way up. My manager went to shop for a new car for his son and they checked out a new Toyota Prius. With a MSRP of >$21k, it was already a bad deal financially when compared to a Corolla, unless you drove to Vegas every weekend. Anyway, my manager told me that the dealer was selling the Prius for $4000 over the MSRP. Let's make it more unattractive financially and see if anyone buys it.

Hmm, I wonder if California is still giving tax breaks on hybrid car purchases. It was a stupid idea to begin with but now that money and any future fuel cost benefits are going to the car dealership owners who probably drive gas guzzling German luxury sedans. Will the legislature pass anti-price gouging laws for hybrids like they did for emergency supplies?

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