Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Summer S.L.A.M. (Sharing Life And Mission)

Starting Sunday, August 3rd, Newsong North Orange County will be changing the location and times of our Sunday services. Our hope is to save our weekly facility costs and to provide more options for our church family to build deeper relationships with each other as well as the community.

Basically, we are asking in faith for the Lord to provide us a facility for free for 9 weeks so we can use what we would have spent on normal and usual facility expenses to expand the Kingdom. We believe that the Lord will provide and show us exactly where we need to be and show us how to reach the goals that we have set. Though there were some clear options to us, those doors closed and we are now just trusting that God will provide us the insight, creativity, and innovation to meet our faith step. We are looking at several options some of which include meeting at a smaller location but provide multiple worship experiences either Sunday morning or evening or both. We are also tapping into our networks to see if there is a church/facility that would be willing to partner with us and provide for our facility needs with no out of pocket expenses.

We're trying to save the weekly facility cost over 9 weeks to raise $15k for a ministry in Beijing. The church has about 300-350 people and right now, we don't have a place to meet yet. Worst case scenario would be having church in a dirt lot which may work out except for sound amplification.

Part of this project/partnership is a vision trip to Beijing in mid-September. So far, I'm on the list of people interested in going though we have to pay our own airfare and room/board. I plan on flying to Chengdu after the Beijing trip since I'm in China already. Hopefully my leg will have healed enough for me to walk around in China again. I'm also out of vacation days at work so I'll have to negotiate some unpaid leave time.

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