Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mad About English! - Official Theatrical Trailer 2008

Not sure what this is about but it looks funny. The policeman(?) at the end cracks me up, "Put your gun down!"

Blue building sign at 1:22 into the video:
北京 = Beijing
东大 = "dongda" (east-big)
医院 = hospital
I guess that leaves 肚肠 = anus and intestine [disease], even though the characters say "stomach" and "intestines"


Another clip. I think it's commendable that they're trying to learn English but it seems they need better teachers.

"Very very very very great!" :)


Anonymous said...

those are pretty good clips. the celebrity instructor (Li Yang) must have been pissed off since they put subtitles for English when he was talking.

totochi said...

Yeah, and that's how we foreigners speak English... we stand there and yell at each other.