Wednesday, August 24, 2011


It's a tough way to make a living... 0.50 RMB at a time. I hope he's not related to Sindy.

Ming Zhao
Comment: China has no choice but to reign control on the social media in China. As I have said above, US intelligence services use the social media in the countries they perceive as unfriendly to spread pro American propaganda. Readers may google using the words found in the Huffington Post link I put above to find more information from other sources. US is to blame for the lack of freedom in China because the former will always use China's lax to bring destabilization to China.


Comment: Dear readers,

Please NOTE that in a not distant future, I will be banned from posting comments in wsj forum for the simple reason that I will maintain to argue against false and unreasonable accusations against China. I shall forever keep my comments away from profanities. I shall prove of my ultimate disband and return with a different pseudonym to vindicate my conviction of this pseudo western journalistic fairness.


Comment: Well, the Americans are free to self deceive themselves or to spew rotten lies. However the trade imbalance trade is still caused by the Americans themselves and China is free from blame.


Comment: Chris

The fact was there was no Tiananmen massacre and the accusation on the Chinese government was proven to be a total farce. And to your claim of the alleged major killings that happened on the approach roads to Tiananmen was just hearsay in the secret cable, as the cable only mentioned hearing gunshots. The fact was in the last 22 years the western media did not mention of such killings. So from are you simply basing your lie on hearsay?


Comment: Running a country is more difficult than operating a brain. If brain surgeons are not elected but trained and appointed, why should a government is made by the process of campaigning and election. That process is good only for choosing a beauty queen or an academy award winner.


Comment: Americans are self righteous and cowards. WSJ blocks comments and commenters from those defending China while the Americans are mostly self deceived, bitter and blind. What a pathetic country of fools that deserves to collapse.

WSJ forum is nothing more than self gratifying mental masturbation by the Americans.

Yet he posts 30+ comments in 2 days. It must be a full-time job.

Sigh... it only takes one trolling jackass to ruin the comment section... see "korean_guy" on any (and every) ChinaHush posting.

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