Friday, August 12, 2011

Hawthorne Airport

My work is right next to the Hawthorne airport. The municipal airport is a right next to the 105 freeway by Crenshaw Blvd and has only one 4965 feet runway. This Monday, I got lunch at a nearby Quiznos and walked by the end of the runway while a small jet was ready for take-off. I was surprised that jets could use the airport since I thought the runway was too short, and how loud the exhaust noise was, even from across the street.

I looked up the tail number (N650W) and found out it was a Cessina Citation III and it flies in/out of Hawthorne airport quite often. I know that our CEO sometimes flies his jet out of Hawthorne and turns out it's an ever bigger jet (Dassault Falcon 900).

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