Monday, August 8, 2011

Government Accountability

Is this for real? How can sh*t like this happen, even in China? It costs a lot of money to keep a gang of thugs around to essentially blockade a family inside their house. Did the Cultural Revolution strip away all humanity and compassion?

Front Line
Human rights defender Mr Chen Guangcheng, along with his wife Ms Yuan Weijing, his mother, and six-year old daughter, have now been under house arrest for almost a year, during which time they have been completely isolated from the outside world, and forced to endure severe food shortages as none of the family is being permitted to leave the property.

Where are the wumaodang? How can anyone, regardless how nationalistic you are, support this BS? If a government systematically beats up blind people and starves six-year old kids, then it's illegitimate, period.

Wikipedia article about Chen Guangcheng

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