Friday, August 26, 2011

Free Food!

Every last Friday of the month, a local restaurant would provide free lunch at work. This month the restaurant was Petit Cafe, a Mediterranean grill in El Segundo. Extra tables were set up in the lunch area so I ate with some other finance people. Typically Friday is a huge visitor day but I noticed a lot of red badges (visitors) while eating.

At the table next to us sat an Asian (Chinese? Vietnamese?) family of 10. I looked and only one person was an employee; the rest had visitor badges (2 were small kids). Way to milk the free lunch.

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Anonymous said...


you didn't tell me about free lunch on fridays. i would have drove to the hood to help you milk the system as well.

finally on the other side of the great firewall. unfortunately(for you) it looks like i will be able to bring the peppercorn(hua jiaow) back home