Monday, August 22, 2011

Really Really Bad Google Voice

I tried calling Sindy this morning while driving to work. I've noticed that Google Voice connections are very inconsistent, especially when I'm calling China. Sindy also said that the caller ID on my calls appear to come from random numbers all over China. Maybe they're using multiple networks and some are more flaky than others. Anyway, here's the call log from this morning:
8/22/11 9:25 AM 6 minutes long and cost $0.10
8/22/11 9:24 AM 1 minute long and cost $0.02
8/22/11 9:22 AM 1 minute long and cost $0.02
8/22/11 9:08 AM 2 minutes long and cost $0.02
8/22/11 9:06 AM 1 minute long and cost $0.02
8/22/11 9:03 AM 1 minute long and cost $0.02
8/22/11 9:00 AM 3 minutes long and cost $0.04
8/22/11 8:58 AM 1 minute long and cost $0.02

Most of the calls were made on my Samsung Galaxy (T-Mobile) but one call was made with the work iPhone (AT&T). Typically the call would go through and cut off immediately or the audio was so bad (choppy) that it was incomprehensible. I did have a decent conversation with Sindy during the drive but that was using Skype over AT&T's 3G network... but that got cut off too. Since I was driving, that meant I also had to struggle with the temperamental phone connect system in my car, especially with 2 Bluetooth phones.

Before my anonymous critics jump all over me, I'm not complaining about the cost. It's really cheap to call China for only 2 cents/minute. I just wished it worked more consistently.


Anonymous said...

finally, on the other side of the great firewall so i can once again post how (jie reh) you are. remember OBAMA considers you to be among the hedge fund set and you need to pay your fair share.

Anonymous said...

by the way, i keep calling you on and the call drops. this is one case where (MSFT/skype) is actually better than GOOG. but then again you may have to pay a few cents more.