Sunday, August 14, 2011

Apple Control Freaks

I plugged my iPad into my PC this morning and got a message that basically said unless I authorize my computer, all 54 apps on my iPad would be deleted. WTF? I then tried to authorize my PC and it said all 5 slots have been used and I need to deauthorize something else. Arg! I have lots of computers (probably too many) and I can't remember which ones I have authorized on my really old Apple iTunes account. Fortunately, the first computer I picked (Sony Vaio) was authorized.

Anyway, now the iPad is backing up onto my PC. I also plug in my work iPhone and iPods into the same PC. Each time I switch devices, iTunes would freak out and give me all sorts of warning messages since it/Apple wants to managed everything everywhere. I've selected that I want to manually manage my songs/apps but to no avail... I constantly get these conflicting messages about deleting everything on each device.

I blame Steve Jobs.


Great, iTunes is "not responding" while backing up my iPad (it's sitting at 100%). I guess I can't update iOS without wiping out everything on the iPad. Arg!

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