Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why I Hate Living in an Apartment, Part 2

I got tricked twice by a busted dryer today. After the first drying attempt, I opened the dryer to find my clothes were still wet. Thinking that I forgot to push the start button, I tried again. Well, I just checked the dryer and my clothes are still wet. I did hear the motor start up so the heating element is probably broken. I'm out $2.20 and wasted 90 minutes. :(

What's worse is that I have inconsiderate jerks living downstairs. They would blast their stereo and/or game console at random hours in the morning, usually 2am or 3am. Most of the time it's in the living room but I think they just put a Nintendo in the bedroom so I hear that all the time too. As an added bonus, they're now smoking inside their apartment. I'm pretty sensitive to cigarette smoke and I started smelling it earlier tonight. Oh yeah, there's also the occasional loud shouting matches with plenty of f-bombs, also at 3am.

Maybe it's time to look for that house...

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