Friday, August 22, 2008

Wedding Rehearsal

I went to a co-worker's wedding rehearsal this afternoon at Sherman Gardens in Newport Beach. It turns out that I'm ushering after all. My main job though is to escort in the bride's mom. Her parents flew in from Korea a few weeks ago and they don't speak English. I was also asked to give a toast for the bride since she does not have any bridesmaids; I have to work on that before the wedding this Saturday.

The groom's family is from London, Ontario, which is pretty close to where I grew up in Canada. The best man is his brother and their family just drove here from Toronto. The other two groomsmen are from the analog group at Broadcom, both Canadians. It turned out that one of them also grew up in Mississauga and we starting working at Broadcom the same week.

During the rehearsal, the groom's parents asked me whether I was Korean. I said that I was Chinese. Then they asked me if I could understand the bride's parents. Hmm, did they think I was multilingual or that all East Asian languages were similar? My Korean knowledge consists of hello, thank you, goodbye, and I just learned congratulations for the toast. I don't even know any swear words.


Anonymous said...

i think from the Korean soaps and K-pop songs you should know:

i love you.
please forgive me.
why did you cheat on me?
you are the only one.
you pig.
i don't ever want to see you again.
you are so beautiful

but those might not be helpful for the situation you are in.

Anonymous said...

i forgot:

i'm pregnant.
you are the father.
you aren't the father.
i hate you.
how can you do it with my sister.